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Retail Security Products

Bad Check Recovery

Retail Theft Reports - US & Canadian Versions


Retail Security Demo Programs

Bad Check Recovery Program
(Click for program overview and screen shots)
  • An easy to use software program designed to save you time and increase your chances (a proven 85% success rate) of receiving restitution from the originator of a dishonored check.

  • Enter the information from the returned check to automatically generate any one of the following statements:

  • Restitution Request
    Restitution Receipt
    Forgery Affidavit
    Criminal Prosecution Statement

  • There is never a need to re-enter information.

  • All statements are based on the legal requirements of your jurisdiction.

  • The California program has the capability of generating statements in accordance with the DA Check Restitution/Prosecution Program.

  • The Connecticut program has the capability of generating an Arrest Warrant Application.

  • The program also maintains a searchable database of your bad check activity which is useful for repeat offenders, required follow-up or for tax purposes.

  • The program pays for itself.

  • IMPORTANT: Please indicate by state, where the checks are being accepted.
Price:  $29.95

Retail Theft Reporting Program
(Click for program overview and screen shots)
  • Reporting incidents of retail theft and shoplifting to the police has never been easier.

  • If you enjoy being part of the Loss Prevention team but hate writing those boring reports, this is the program you have been looking for.

  • This program eliminates the guess work, your reports will be automatically generated based upon the type of incident you are reporting.

  • Three easy steps:

    1. Enter information about the accused.

    2. Enter stolen items and their values - items are automatically totaled.

    3. Choose the appropriate statement from the list below.

    4. Price Switching
      Under Charging
      Wearing Item(s)
      Scanning-Not Charging
      Dressing Room Theft(s)
      Concealed Item(s)
      Non-Concealed Item(s)
      Item(s) Placed In Shopping Cart
      Store Security Alarm Activated
      Department Security Alarm Activated
      Attempt To Return Stolen Item(s)
      Stolen Item(s) Returned For Cash/Credit
      Removing Security Sensor Device(s)
      Confession Statement
      Evidence Log
      General Release

  • The program also maintains a searchable database of all apprehensions.
Price:  $29.95