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U.S. Supreme Court Decisions
for the Criminal Justice Community


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  • This book contains the summary of the opinion actually written by the Court's Reporter of Decisions for over 315 US Supreme Court cases considered to be of critical importance to law enforcement.
  • The accompanying Windows software contains the full report with dissenting and concurring opinions.
  • The book and software are subdivided according to topic and party name.
  • Easy-to-use software ... look up decisions by party name, topic or conduct single or multiple word searches. Add your own Notes, Bookmarks or Highlighting.
  • Frequent updates
  • Looseleaf binder with printed insert of decision summaries and Computer Software (Windows)

  • Price: $34.95
Download: Quick Start Guide

The Police Marksman by Dave Grossi
"I don't make many recommendations when it comes to products for cops, but this is a must for anyone in law enforcement."

The Law Enforcement Trainer by Joseph J. Truncale
"Police Department Attorneys, Supervisors and Trainers, who have the responsibility to keep up with any changes in the law as it relates to their agency's policies and procedures, should read and study this manual. Make no mistake; this is not recreational reading, unless you are a masochist or attorney. It is, however, a valuable reference source to survive in the courtroom, as well as on the street. For that reason, it is an important text for officers"