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General Description

    Easy To Use Databases That Will Give You Complete Access To The Laws You Must Have

  • The entire text of each statute has been incorporated into its own text storage and retrieval system for Windows.
  • There are simplified menu systems that can be mastered in minutes
  • WITH MINIMAL INFORMATION, YOU CAN INSTANTLY LOCATE the needed word or statute number.
  • Once a search has been completed, the information can be examined on screen and printed.
  • Use the copy and paste feature for report writing.
  • Annual updates, automatically
    1. Complete Text Searches
    2. Multiple OR Searches
    3. Partial Word Searches
    4. Multiple AND Searches
    5. Violation Title Searches
    6. Statute Number Searches
    7. Printing Individual Records
  • IMPORTANT: Licensed for one copy on a single computer. Multi-user Discounts and Licenses Available.