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Connecticut Labor Decisions


Connecticut State Board of Labor Relations
Full Text Board Decisions
Added Feature - Summaries of Decisions by Topic
(From July, 1990 through June, 2015 - Over 900 Decisions)

Incredibly Fast
Complex or Simple Searching

Conduct Exact Phrase, And, Or, Not and Wild Card Searches
(See Quick Start Guide)

Search All the Decisions at Once or Limit Your Searches to Specific Decisions

You Can Even Search Your Personal Notes and Highlighting

Program Features Include:
  • Table of Contents
  • Hyperlinks to Related Decisions
  • Note Tool for Creating Personal Notes
  • Highlighter Pen for Highlighting Text
  • Bookmark Tool for Up to 1,000 Bookmarks
(Notes, highlighted text and bookmarks can be saved from session to session.)

Price: $79.95 per copy