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NYPD Patrol Guide for Mac
(PDF Format)

The Entire Text of the NYPD Patrol Guide on Disk
(Updated Semi-Annually)
Latest Update: January 2016


Preview is an application on Mac OS X that allows you to view PDF files. Preview comes with Mac OS X so you do not need to download it. When you click a PDF file, it will be downloaded to your computer and Preview will launch automatically and display the PDF file. If a PDF does not display in Preview, you can locate a PDF document and select "Get Info" in the File menu. In the Info window, click on tab: "Open with". Use the drop-down menu to select Preview. Also click on: "Change All" to allow Preview to open all PDF documents.

NOTE: New features are continually being added to Preview with each new Mac OS upgrade, some of the newer features include; Improved PDF Annotations (Add Stickies-style notes and highlight text) and Relevancy Ranked PDF Searches.

Program Features:
  • Fully Searchable
  • Navigate Sections Using Bookmarks

Price: $34.95 per copy